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Hello! Baby

We are Baby Cay


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We are Baby Cay


Inspire Design

About US


About Us

Clients love us

Because we offer personalized service to meet every baby's need.

premium support

Our support team is always available at no additional cost.

We're Flexible

Our team is available to serve you 24 hours a day.

Safe information

Your little one's safety is of uttermost importance. So, a safety manual is always included.

unique products

We offer a unique selection of quality rental items.

Working perfectly

All equipment are maintained to the higest standard. If it malfunctions, we will replace it immediately.

OUR Products

WHy Choose US

We are reliable

Hundreds of families have trusted us.

We are knowledgeable

We anticipate your needs based on history.

We are kids centric

We cater exclusively to families with young kids.

others brag about us

That's right! We have credibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the equipment sanitized?

Yes, prior to each new rental, all equipment is cleaned and sanitized.

Is the equipment new?

All of our equipment is either new or in excellent condition (gently used).

What if I need to cancel?

We understand that plans change and if you need to cancel please provide as much notice as possible.

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